A new


Experience in

Downtown Tulsa

Redefine your library experience

Librarium is a fully functional branch AND a testing facility to better serve the 21st century customer.

Today’s library customer wants more than just a large collection of hard-copy books. More than ever, our society has a growing desire to access, consume and share content using digital tools. We want places to gather for events and hold meetings and we like to work alongside others. We expect Wi-Fi access and we appreciate a comfortable environment. We want to expand our minds with maker spaces and learn how to use new technology such as tablets. We also want entertainment and we certainly don’t mind a cup of coffee while we’re at it.

Librarium is all of this and more. In addition to serving as a fully functional branch, Librarium is a testing facility to learn better ways to serve our customers based on 21st century needs. For example, all materials are arranged based on subject, similar to most retail bookstores, rather than the Dewey Decimal System. And we explore the latest technology, from customer service machines to handheld devices for customers to check out.

Come here to easily find materials, to gather with friends and colleagues or to lose yourself in a great book on a quiet afternoon. Care to borrow a tablet for your reading? We have that. Need an office away from the office? Our self-service business center and computer stations will do the trick.

Whatever your needs, we look forward to serving you at Librarium.

Easy convenience

Regardless of your schedule, Librarium will suit you. In a hurry? We understand. Looking for a place to spend your afternoon? Come on in. We built Librarium to appeal to the ever-changing needs of today’s library customer. From our floor layout to our technology, Librarium will feel like a natural extension of your day.

Finding materials is easier with an intuitive layout and way finding signage to guide the way. Once you have what you need, intuitive self-service checkout machines will get you to your next appointment faster. When you come back, automated return machines quickly process your items and immediately update your account status.

If machines are not your preference, our staff is always here to assist with any needs. They even have handheld tablets and mobile devices, allowing them to roam aisles and immediately assist customers with catalog searches and checkout service on the spot.

We built Librarium for the ever-changing needs of today’s customer


Amazing Features

Librarium has an entirely new collection, including the following materials:

  • Thousands of popular books for all interests and ages BluRays, DVDs, CDs and audiobooks
  • Electronic materials, including eBooks powered by Overdrive and Freading, as well as free music downloads powered by Freegal.
  • Digital magazines powered by Zinio – Read and download digital issues of your favorite magazines for free. Choose from more than 125 magazines, including popular, children’s and Spanish selections. These digital magazines are full-color duplicates of the print magazine, including every article, recipe, cartoon and advertisement. Read online in your web browser or offline by downloading to your computer or mobile device. Keep downloaded magazines forever!
  • Digital newspapers powered by PressReader – Choose from thousands of full-content newspapers. Get instant access to more than 2,200 newspapers from 97 countries in 54 languages, with over 
1,200 in English. Use the free PressReader App to download up to eight free newspapers per day to your mobile device by logging on to the library Wi-Fi. Keep downloaded newspapers forever!